Warrior! What it Means to Be a Warrior?

I am a Warrior and this is my battle cry!



What is a Warrior? 

The dictionary meaning is:

  1. a soldier
  2. someone involved in a fight or argument

The word comes from the 14th century, it is an Old Noth French word 'werreier' which translates to soldier. 


Warriors are described as a person who doesn't give up very easily, someone who would put up one hell of a fight to get there way.

  • Warriors are their own heros
  • Warriors are their own superheroes
  • They are fighters who never quit
  • They don't give up when diagnosed with a life threatening illness
  • They don't give up when they face 1,000 rejections
  • They don't give up on a vision because it is challenging.

Why We Created the Warrior Bracelet? 

We created the warrior bracelet for you to recognize the hero in you! We need to all be our own heros. We can not wait for someone to come and save us. When life knocks us down, we get up! That is the warrior in us. Warriors find the light in the darkness. They lift themselves up. They envision a goal and go after it. Warriors fight, they are strong and brave, they are smart and never take no for an answer. They go after what they want. Warriors can overcome any obstacle or challenge. It doesn't mean that they are not scared, it just means that they are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that fear on the battle ground and conquer it. 

Our Warrior bracelet helps you to remember the hero that you are! That you can overcome ANYTHING! It teaches you to stop waiting and to instead take action. It teaches you not to give up and to be brave. It teaches you to stop looking for someone to come and save you. It teaches you to look inside yourself to be your own savior. 


Meaning of the Crystals on the Warrior Bracelet:

  • Dragons Blood Jasper: A stone of courage, strength and vitality. It is an excellent stone for providing strength and support when you are going through a tough period in your life. It can help you in all areas of your life physically, emotionally, spiritually, & mentally. This stone aids in breaking old habits and helps to instill new habits. This is an excellent grounding stone. It is connected to the heart chakra.  This stone evokes a fierceness and loyalty to your intentions.
  • Black Tourmaline: A stone of protection. It helps protect you against negative energies. It is able to clear, cleanse and unlock any energy blocks within you. It also protects against electromagnetic energies. It is a wonderful ground stone that can help manage stress and bring you a feeling of security.

Remember you are a Warrior in your life!

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