Start taking responsibility for your own life!


Start taking responsibility for your own life

I want you to start taking responsibility for your own life! 

You are the power of your own creation. Start owning that. That's what I had to remind myself recently! Lately I haven't been owning it. I have been giving in  to my negative thoughts for the last week. I have been crying and sad because I've been upset with the lack of abundance in my life. I feel like I put out so much but I'm not getting back a return for all my efforts.

This is when I need to step back and start taking responsibility for my life. Why are things not going my way? I am trying to  control things that are out of my control?  Yes. Am I allowing myself to react? Yes. Am I living in a negative vibration because I'm not getting what I want? Yes. All of this, is creating more of what I don't want.


Start taking responsibility for your own life

Finally I decided to stop the negative thinking. I choose to start focusing my thoughts on what I do have, to count my blessings and show gratitude.  I started to shift my thoughts to one of abundance, in the areas of my life where it exists right now and to be appreciative for what I have. I could have easily stayed in lack mode mentality. I could have  continued  to spiral out of control and let the negative take over my life and stay miserable. 

But I choose, yes it is a choice to dwell on and appreciate all that is good in my life right now.  I know that what I focus on and am grateful for will open me up to receiving more of what I desire.  Is it easy?  No.  Does it take time?  Yes.  But I know I always have a choice, even if I can't change my circumstances at the moment, I can always change my thoughts and focus on what's  good in my life now!

Mantra: I am the creation of my life and of who I am. 

Start taking responsibility for your own life!

Mediation has really been helping me when I have been down giving into my negative thoughts. 

Here is a few meditations that I been listening to:

Money Meditation with Abraham Hicks

Marisa Peer Money Mindset

Money Meditation


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