It is an incredibly powerful word. Unconditional love, to love someone as they are with no conditions. To Love is to forgive, to show  compassion, to live in peace, to feel safe and protected etc. 


My Heart is Open:

When we open our hearts we are the experience of love. We ARE love! We are safe. We are at peace when we keep our heart open, because when our heart is open we can love ourselves and others too. When we feel hurt, angry, stressed, sad, lonely, unsafe, unloved, afraid we instantly close our hearts. It is a mechanism for protecting ourselves. However, it is a false mechanism. We hurt more when we close our hearts. Let's think about the word, "close" for a second, what words come to mind:

  • to shut
  • to darken
  • to shut out
  • to distance

Words that I wouldn't associate with safety and protection and yet for some reason the moment we get hurt we close our hearts. To open your heart and to constantly be in the state of love means that you never have to close your heart to feel secure, loved, or protected in life. 

We are LOVE! 


I want you guys to start being aware of when you are shutting your heart. 

When you are shutting you heart redirect your energy by stating:  I direct my heart to be open. My heart is open.

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