I AM....


What the words I AM Mean:

I Am are two very powerful words. One of the reasons we called the company I M Bracelets is because after these two powerful words  "I AM" comes our beliefs about ourselves.

Our mission is to help change our self talk and replace it with kinder more loving words, that change the way we perceive ourselves to create the reality that we want to have.

I Am

How many times have we  said "I am stupid, unworthy,poor, a failure " and I could go on and on. For what we put after " I am" affects the way we feel about ourselves. If you keep telling yourself "I am successful" you will start believing it, acting it and eventually that's what you will become.  If you keep telling yourself "I am a failure" that's what you will become. 

We send that message out to the universe and that's what the universe gives us back.  We become what we perceive and believe.  It starts with our inner dialogue.  Let's become aware of how we speak to ourselves; so we can start manifesting more of what we want.  


I am poor :  I am financially abundant.  I am a money magnet. Money is my friend,  I love money and money loves me.

I am unlovable:  I am enough! I love myself unconditionally.  I am loved.

I am never going to finish this project:I am the creation of all my desires. I am full of energy. I am a great creator. 

It all starts we how we speak. Let's make the change together, start today! 


One of my favorite Meditations is the I Am Meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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