From paycheck to paycheck to $10,000 in savings

From Paycheck to Paycheck:

Back in 2013 I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I never had extra money left over after my bills were paid every month. I was frustrated and sad constantly. A friend introduced me to a healer who taught me about beliefs. We all have beliefs that we come into the world with or developed from childhood. Our beliefs are creating the world that we are currently living in. However, the good thing about beliefs is that we can change them!

My belief around money was that I will never have enough. I will have just enough to pay my bills, but never any extra. That is not a belief I want to keep! I wanted to shift that belief and change it to being a money magnet.

New belief: I am a money magnet and money constantly flows into my life.

paycheck to paycheck

The first thing I learned was that beliefs don’t shift if there is no positive feeling behind it. You have to be in balance and a place of love to shift your current belief. It won’t work if you are not coming from a place of love and power behind you. I then open my heart and go to my happy place, which for me is on the beach playing with my dog or acting on the set of my favorite TV show. I would breathe in and then breathe out with a smile saying new belief: I AM MONEY! I AM A MONEY MAGNET.

As I would do this for ten minutes daily and I started to notice the shifts. At the end of the month I had $400 left over after paying all of my bills. It was amazing, but the real test was about to come. The next day I get a call from my accountant that I owed the government $400. All the extra money that I had left over had to go to the government and I was back to square one of never having any extra money.

paycheck to paycheck

The key was to NOT go into reaction! Believe me I wanted to go into reaction, but if I gave into the reaction then I wouldn't change my money belief that I been working to change. I told myself, hey you the money, give it to the government and attract more money. I went into my happy place and said my new belief as I sent over the money. 

That weekend I went to work at the restaurant I was currently working at and I made in tips $400. The exact amount I gave to the government came right back to me! That year I had the same jobs, nothing changed but my belief and at the end of the year I had over $10,000 in my saving account! Wow, all because I shifted a belief.  

paycheck to paycheck

Now let me just clarify one thing, I didn't sit on the couch and say these magic words and money magically appeared. I still worked, but I didn't dwell on having no money. I didn't constantly dwell on living paycheck to paycheck. I now had a positive relationship with money. Money came to me in all forms that year. I even received a check in the mail for $750 from a lawsuit from an internship in college five years prior... random! I stopped living from paycheck to paycheck.  

It's not your job to control what happens on the outside. You can only control the inside. You can control: your beliefs, your reactions, your feelings.  

Are you ready to make the shifts???? 

paycheck to paycheck


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