Flaws, what are they? 

According to the dictionary a flaw is:
1) a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault:beauty without flaw; the flaws in our plan.
2) a defect impairing legal soundness or validity.
3) a crack, break, breach, or rent.



If we see "flaws" in ourselves the way the dictionary defines "flaws" we will never see the beauty in ourselves. We will only see ourselves as broken, defected, something that needs to be made perfect. The reality is that we are perfect! We don't need to be fixed, instead we need to accept who we are and love ourselves as we are. 


Our biggest problem is that we get mad and frustrated with ourselves for having "flaws", but really "flaws" aren't real. We need to get rid of the stigma that "flaws" are negative and instead change the way you look at them. Start looking at  our "flaws"as differences. We all are different and these differences help us to grow and learn. These differences help make us who we are. We are perfect just the way we are and if we are perfect beings then we cannot be flawed. There are no "flaws" in a perfect being.  It is time we reconsider how we choose to see the imperfections in ourselves. It is time we see them as strengths that help to create who we become!


For my growing up what was considered one of my flaws was my arrogance. Yet when I turned 21 and lost all hearing in my left ear it was my arrogance that helped me regain my hearing. The arrogance that I would get it back and that it wasn't permanent. Even when all of the doctors told me I would never get it back. That arrogance was confidence in myself. Confidence that I would get it back despite whatever anyone else had said. That arrogance paid off because eight years later I regained the hearing in my left ear. So, what some would think was a flaw I used as my strength. 


Change the negative of your flaws into a positive: 

Vain = I love myself.

Arrogant = I am confident in who I am.

Selfish = I value myself and put me first.  

Blunt = I speak honestly. 

Audacious = I take risks and am fearless in life. 

Immature = I have fun in life and don't take it so seriously. 

Gullible = I am open minded to all opinions and ideas. 

Impatient = I am excited to experience things. 

Lazy = I am relaxed and chill in life. 

Reckless = I take risks and I am fearless in life. 

Stubborn = I stick to my beliefs. I know who I am. 

Rebellious = I stand on my own and pave my own path.  


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