Crystals for a Broken Heart & How to Use Them

Crystals for a Broken Heart:

  • Rhodonite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Chrysoprase
  • Rhodochrosite

You can carry them with you or use them when you meditate. 

Crystals for a Broken Heart

We all experience a broken heart at one point in our lives. It is painful! It hurts. It tears us down. It breaks us. It makes us feel completely alone and unwanted. These crystals can help you deal with heartbreak! Instead of reaching for a pint of Haagen-dazs, you might want to consider reaching for your crystals to help mend a broken heart! The power of these crystals can help speed up the healing process. The frequency of these crystals produce healing vibrations that can absorb the negative energies that you may be feeling.

They can help you shift into self-worth, forgiveness, raise your self-esteem, balance your emotions, your personal-growth, self-love, & happiness! The power of these crystals can help attract new love into your life. 

Each one of these crystals have their own benefits and properties that can help heal your broken heart.

Crystals for a Broken Heart

The Benefits of Each Crystal For A Broken Heart:

  • Rose Quartz is for the heart, they don't call it the "Stone of Love," for nothing! It is connected with the heart chakra and it is great for opening up the heart and opening yourself up to love in all areas of your life, sellf-love, family, friends. It is an excellent stone for healing a broken heart as it aids in comfort and its energy brings calm and peace. It can help raise your self-esteem and balance your emotions.
  • Chrysoprase is for getting you out of sadness and shifting you into joy and happiness. It increases positivity. It is a stone of hope. This stone helps with acceptance, compassion and self-growth. It is associated with the heart chakra. It helps heal emotional wounds and strengthens the heart. It is an excellent stone for combating a broken heart and helps to break up any negativity. It is also a great stone for someone who experienced loss and is now heartbroken.
  • Rhodonite is the "Stone of the Heart," it helps to raise your self worth and heal emotional wounds. It is a great stone to help give you confidence. It raises your self-worth. This stone aids in giving you clarity to understand the break up from both sides and by doing this it allows forgiveness and compassion while bringing peace to your heart. It is a great stone for aiding with acceptance.
  • Rhodochrosite is great for balancing the heart chakra. It is great for helping to balance the heart chakra. it gives off positive and comforting energy. It can help improve your self-worth, allow personal growth, aid in self-forgiveness and self-love. This stone is very special because it can also help attract new love into your life. This crystal is associated with heartbreak, it can relieve emotional stress.
Crystals for a Broken Heart

How to use your crystals to heal your Broken Heart: 

Hold your crystals for a broken heart in your hand, make sure that you have cleansed them. See our blog on how to cleanse crystals before you use them. Close your eyes and hold your crystals up to your heart and meditate with them. When you breathe out, breathe out with a smile while stating your affirmation below as you feel your open your heart and release all hurt. We recommend you do this for at least ten minutes a day. 

Crystals for a Broken Heart

Affirmation: I choose to heal my broken heart. My heart is open to love. I am loved in every moment.

Crystals for a Broken Heart

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