An Open Letter to my Mom

An Open Letter to my Mom

An Open Letter to my Mom

Dear Mom, 

My thirty years on this Earth I have made a myriad of choices, however I can honestly say the best choice I ever made was to pick you to be my mom! They say Mother's and Daughter's have a special bond, but ours is truly unique. We're a team. My teacher. My student. My best friend in life. My soulmate. I learn so much from you and you learn so much from me and that will never end.

You teach me to to be cautious and safe in this world; I always make sure to wear a seatbelt and not walk in a dark alley at night. 

I teach you to be more adventurous and spontaneous; it's okay to get lost in the woods sometimes! It's okay to not have a plan and explore. 

You teach me all about healthy eating, cooking and holistic healing.

I teach you all about essential oils, reiki and crystals. 

You teach me all about my Italian heritage by listening to Italian music every Sunday, making fresh pasta and "gravy", picking tomatoes from your homemade garden and having Sunday to connect as a family.

I love having you as my travel buddy to explore various different cultures. I am glad we both grew up with a passion for travel! 

You teach me to be brave and step out of my comfort zone. I teach you that it's okay to laugh in the face of adversity. 

You teach me to never stop questioning and always keep learning. I teach you, you can never be too old to stop being a kid. 

We make a great team together! We are so very different and that's what makes our relationship so much stronger. You are my first phone call of the day and my last phone call at night and about ten other times in between. Our relationship is unique, special, a tad bit co-dependant (mostly on my side, I know), but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our Mother-Daughter team sets the bar rather high. Sometimes I think that is what scares me the most if I ever decide to have a daughter one day. I only hope that we share a bond this amazing. 

Thank you! Thank you for wanting a kid so bad that no matter what any doctor said you kept trying until you got pregnant. Thank you for always having an open line of communication. Thank you for always being honest with me. Thank you for allowing me to never settle. Thank you for always supporting me, no matter how crazy my ideas might have been. Thank you for allowing me to make my own choices no matter what the consequences. Thank you for always reading to me at night and opening up my imagination. Thank you for all you teach me, but most importantly thank you for being YOU! 

This isn't just any Mother' Daughter letter. It's MY open Mother Daughter letter, so with that said... 

You're welcome! You're welcome for me picking you to be my mom! You're welcome for always exploring the world with you! You're welcome for making you laugh when you are really stressed. You're welcome for pushing your buttons to teach you not to react. You're welcome for being your first born, you're only daughter, your student, your teacher, your best friend, your soulmate! 



An Open Letter to my Mom

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