An Open Letter to my Dad

An Open Letter to my Dad

An Open Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad,

Wow, for someone who never wanted to be a father you sure are one of the best! Just like Mother’s and Daughter have a special bond so do Father’s and Daughter and ours is pretty unique, special and a bond I truly cherish.

From the day I was born you had one of the biggest impact on my life. I remember when I was little watching Aladdin with you. When “A Whole New World,” song would play you would place the couch cushion on top of your knees and place me on top of the cushion. You would move your knees and the cushion would fly around and I felt like I was on top of a magic carpet and we would sing, “A Whole New World” together. It was so magical. You brought fun, magic and imagination into everything like when we use to watch, “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Whenever that show was on you would have me and Jj play against each other in the game. You would take an object and hide it somewhere in the house. We would run around the house, tearing it up to find the object and race back to the couch as fast as we could. It was so fun! Thank you for allowing the home to be a fun, safe, filled-with-laughter-home!

Thank you for never saying no to any activity I wanted to try. You kept me involved and active throughout my childhood so I wouldn't grow up to quick. You used sports to teach me teamwork, discipline, reliability & inner strength. We won softball championships together with you as my coach and we even coached teams together and won a championship. Winning that championship with you as my partner was one of my life highlights. 

Thank you for teaching me hard work and perseverance throughout my childhood. I remember in 5th grade when I couldn’t do the shuttle run under a certain time and you moved the whole living room around and made a shuttle run, because the wood floors were similar to the gym floor. You practiced with me all night till I beat the time and got the Presidential award at school. You would put pillows in front of the fireplace and throw soccer balls at me to improve my soccer goalie skills. When my softball team didn’t have a pitcher one year, you taught me how to pitch. You always had patience and made me feel like I could do anything.

Thank you for always making me feel safe and not someone I feared. Thank you for teaching me all things can be fixed and problems are nothing to stress over. Instead of yelling you made jokes like when I young and broke a window by practicing my softball pitching in the house. You jumped out of bend ran inside the den and noticed the broken window. You then looked at Jj down on the ground in catcher position, me across from him and you said, "You had Jj catch for you, next time use the dog and maybe the window won't break." Then you went back to bed. 

Thank you for always encouraging all of my ambitious, no matter how terrible they might have been. I remember around 12 telling you I wanted to be a singer. Even though I couldn’t carry a tune and had a terrible voice, you would take out the karaoke system, blast the music so the whole neighborhood could hear, you would play the tambourine and I would belt out singing. Dancing and singing with you is another one of my life highlights. 

Thank you for teaching me compassion and kindness. You never judge, gossip or say a mean thing about anyone. Those are rare traits to have! You put a high importance on the word family. When family needs you, you are always there. You never turn anyone away or make them feel like they aren’t wanted. When someone is mean to you, you turn the other cheek and continue to be kind, something I don’t do, but I applaud that you can do that, it’s very admirable.

As I got older our bond stayed strong, even when I told you I wanted to move to Los Angeles. You hate it, still do, and even though you didn’t like or agreed with it, you still supported me, because it was something I wanted. I couldn’t have done that move without your help. I want you to know I never once take for granted or not appreciate all you gave me so I could pursue my career in the entertainment field.

Dad, you are the funniest person I know. Thank you for making me belly-laugh every single day. Thank you for teaching me how to put out a good company food spread....a very valuable lesson! Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for the lessons you taught me, the childhood you gave me & being the loving father you are. I would say, "you're welcome for picking you as my dad", but your response back would be, "please, next time pick someone else. It would have saved me a lot of money." Ha! You truly are one of the best! 

Thanks for showing me the world and allowing me to show it to you as well.

I love you!

Beach Queen


An Open Letter to my Dad


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