Alignment: What does it mean and How do we get in it?

Alignment, What does it Mean?

According to the dictionary the word alignment means, to arrange in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions. Makes sense, we want everything in its proper place, straight, in line, so everything can be connected. But what are we supposed to be connecting to? 

Answer: OUR HIGHER SELF! Our consciousness, source, the highest knowledge, the highest understanding. 

When we come into this life we are our higher self in a human body. We think, we feel, we have emotions, we are constantly battling ego and source. We suddenly become two points of perspective our higher self and or physical being. 

We are always connected to our higher self. However, we can separate from that connection throughout the day when we get out of balance.


Signs you are out of Balance? 

  • You are constantly tired.
  • You are sad or depressed.
  • You feel out of control.
  • You are constantly stressed or anxious.
  • You are having trouble sleeping.

When we are in Balance: 

  • We don't get set off by every little thing
  • We do not go into reaction
  • Our mind is rested
  • We don't need to be in control, we can be free
  • We feel good!!!
  • We are well rested and have constant amounts of energy

Why do we need to get into Alignment? 

In order for us to create and manifest the life that we want we have to be in a positive mindset. You can't create what you want when you are out of balance. Throughout the day we can easily get out of balance and out of alignment. It is our job to be aware and recognize that, so we can create what we want, instead of causing extra stress for ourselves. 


How to get Ourselves in Alignment and back in Balance? 

  1. Recognize that you are not in balance and are out of Alignment
  2. Breathe to center yourself (I take 3 deeps breathes in and out. When I release out I release with a smile)
  3. Open up your heart say: "I direct my heart to be open")
  4. Open your Chakras say: "I direct my chakras to be opened, balanced, and spinning in the right direction"
  5. Align your Hara Line. The Hara line is the line that runs through you down to the earth's core and straight up to source, say: "I direct my Hara line to be straight"
  6. Connect to source say: "I am connected to my higher self. My higher understanding. I am connected to source."

Keep yourself in alignment to create the life you want! 

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