A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Little MVP, 

There are so many lessons that you will learn in the next 19 years of life. You are going to laugh at me and not believe me, but it is true, you become an actress and a stand-up comic. Yes, you kid, who right now is to scared to raise your hand in class out of fear of being wrong, judged, or laughed at. 

A Letter To My Younger SelfI want you to raise your hand more in class, be wrong, fail, don't take life so seriously, don't be so scared. Feel good about who you are, because after college you go through so much judgement, rejection, hurt, that if you don't laugh more, get rid of that fear, that anger when you get hurt, you won't make it in the entertainment industry. 

Life isn't going to be like right now where you try out for the basketball team and make it, beside never playing basketball in your life and not evening knowing what a lay-up is. Life is not going to be that easy! Start getting used to practice. Practice, every single day!

A Letter To My Younger Self

You're rolling your eyes at me telling me you practice all time.  "I play sports and have practice every day, I play two instruments and practice everyday." Kid, I know you, you don't practice every day, five minutes don't count. That's not practicing. Yea little MVP, you have talent, but talent will only get you so far. Right now you're about to argue with me and tell me you are great at sports, you are MVP of all your teams, all-star player, blah, blah, blah. Listen up: I DON'T CARE! I need you to SHUT UP & HEAR ME: Until you get used to practicing you will never hit your true potential.

A Letter To My Younger Self

You will bomb doing stand-up for a packed house show with 30 members of your family in the audience because you're not prepared and get thrown off your game. You will fumble at auditions because you didn't memorize your lines well enough. You will get frustrated constantly because you don't want to put in the work because right now you're pretty good at everything. Newsflash, that won't last! Get used to it now kid, the work is only going to get harder. 

Remember two years ago, at the New York State School Music Association festival (NYSSMA). You got stop mid-solo at the festival and told that you weren't good. That you didn't practice hard enough. That you didn't know what you were doing. You were very upset, mom and the teacher said you don't have to do NYSSMA next year. You turned to them and said, "Are you kidding? Of course I am going to do it next year with the same piece and I hope I get the same judge!" This is one of your first experiences of true rejection. I am bringing this experience up because when you get out of college and into the world as an adult you won't be making every team you try out for. You won't be the MVP all the time. You will experience more rejection than most people. That fight in you that came up after you got rejected during NYSSMA is the fight that I never want you to lose. 

A Letter To My Younger SelfYou will need that fight after every audition, every stand up show, every project you write and get hundreds of notes back for. Keep the fight in you that tells you to keep going. That tells you that you are the best. That you can overcome all the obstacles! You're going to need that fight in you the most when you turn 21 and go completely deaf in your left ear. 

You are going to need to believe in yourself when all the doctors tell you, you will never get it back. You are going to need to persevere. You will succeed on doing what they say is impossible. You will regain your hearing.

You're smiling! I know that smile. It's the, "duh, of course A Letter To My Younger SelfI  would get it back smile. Adult me is dumb for ever doubting me. Do you not know me?" Hey kid, has anyone ever told you you are very cocky, you are very confident and sometimes you have a big ego? These qualities can be looked at as flaws for some people, but for you these qualities are your strengths that will get you through your hardships.  

Never lose the belief that you can do anything, that you can overcome every obstacle, because you will feel lows like you never felt before. You will feel like you are never going to make it, you will feel like you are running on a track that you can't get off, you will fail over and over again and sometimes you don't want to get up. You will want to throw in the towel and take an easier route, but I want you to remember these pivotal life experiences now where you rose to the occasion. The path you chose is not easy, but you are a warrior. Never forget that!

With Great Love and Respect, 

Beach Queen 

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